Parliament week vote Lexie

I am supporting Lexie because I believe she would be a great headteacher because she is kind and loving. she will also be doing some things that are fun like own clothes and loads more so please vote Lexie for your headteacher because she is a lot more fun than she sounds. She will be doing cooking and she will be keeping all the safety rules so no one gets hurt. she will welcome all of the children and teachers if they come in on the day, so vote Lexie. 😊 

My friends and me

My friends are loving 

My friends are caring  

My friends love sharing  

My friends are silly crazy and sometimes funny  


Our world is full of love  

Our world is beautiful  

Our world is full of rainbows  

Our world is mother nature  

Our world is full of all sorts of animals 


My family love me no matter what  

My family are lovely because I love them  

My family are caring and love sharing  

The mountain

I am the frightful mountain I see people from high and low.  

They think they can conquer ME THE MOUNTAIN!!! 

As they climbed to the top of my peak, I summoned armies to stop them.

Maybe I will let you have your day. It had been such a long time since I have let such miniscule beings to ascend my peak…

…today may be the day I will!