My Supporting Speech

Hello I am supporting Leo. I believe he would be an amazing headteacher because he is very kind and he will always offer to help. He will be very appreciative if you vote for him. He is very intelligent and smart so please vote for Leo.  

We will try to make everybody happy and satisfied for the day. We will let you sit next to whoever you want, let you have jelly for break and 10 more minutes of break.  

Leo will be checking around the school to settle conflicts and to check that everybody is happy and satisfied so we hope you vote for Leo. 

I can see

I can see the soothing sea washing upon my body. 

I can see birds filling the majestic sky, chirping along to the sound of the wind. 

I can see clouds slithering across the beautiful breeze. 

I can see the rain pouring down on precious meadows. 

I can see the gentle flowers sprouting for the bees and the butterflies. 

I can see the leaves fall to the ground where the animals sleep without a peep.