Bethany’s speech

Hi I am helping Bethany to make her head teacher and my name is Maria and we are the M&Ms. We have ideas for you, some rules to? Number one NO FIGHTING! Because its mite hart the person you’re fitting with. 

We are going to do football outside of one whole hour. Acting (drama)for everyone if they want to do it. we are going to be wearing are coming to school in our own clothes Bethany will make a good head teacher because she will be kind and amazing helping everyone has a say what you want to do in that one da


I wish I could see the trees moving in the breeze, 

But I wish I can see them again.

All I can see is darkness

and I wish I can see them, again.  

 All I can hear are all of the sounds of trees moving,

Doors crashing and people talking out of the window. 

 Please can I see again!

I can use my imagination and I hear and feel things.

I will never know and I wish to see again.