The Dreaded Mountain

Mountains are magnificent: the views are stunning.  The mountain range is important to us; I personally think that you should climb Mount Everest because it can help you keep mentally and physically fit!  

If you climb Everest, you have the outstanding opportunity to keep yourself healthy due to the exercise you will have to do. Although, some people think it’s dangerous to climb this majestic mountain, it can also be good for you and your health. Training for three to four hours a day can give you a bigger and better boost for climbing this monster as well as your general health 

Another reason that you should climb Everest is that you can push yourself to the limits and build up your strength. It doesn’t really matter how old you are because the youngest person to climb the mountain was a thirteen-year-old boy named Jordan Romero from America. The oldest person was an incredible eighty years old!  

You wont starve either because there are base camps. At the wonderful, cold camps you will be able to eat, drink and sleep until you set off again. Do you want a chance to climb the colossal mountain? It is not for the faint hearted as this challenge is immense.  

Something to think about…there are also avalanches, so watch out! Avalanches can be deadly! They are huge piles of snow that can topple you over and they often flatten everything in their way. These are something that mountaineers NEED to watch out for. The mountain climbers will also need to check the weather forecast before they set off again. The Himalayas are notorious for weather changes. One moment it can be the sunniest day, but the next moment storms are upon you. If you ignore the weather changes you could lose your life!  

Nepal people are very poor. People who climb Everest help Nepal’s local income of money as they receive money from the mountaineers as they help climbers achieve their dreams. In addition, they help by buying equipment and transport. This really helps the residents from Nepal and the country itself.