D-Day by Ollie MC

Scared! I didn’t want anyone to know that I was afraid. I was worried about my family; was I ever going to see them again? I trembled with fear. It was June 6th 1944. The shellfire was too deafening: I couldn’t hear myself think. I could see the Germans on the other side of Sword Beach. Operation Overlord is about to begin. My lieutenant shouted “30 SECONDS! GOD BE WITH YOU.” The frequent rapid fire made me feel uncomfortable. I heard the whistle. It reminded me of WW1…The Trenches.

We had to go through the water with our weapons. The bridge lowered and the Germans fired… The paratroopers glided in from behind. Was this going to be the start of the end of WW2?

Looking down, I saw no blood, but felt like I was shot. Anxiety had taken over my body. Unfortunately, my friends had been shot. It felt right to help them, but we needed to liberate Europe from the Nazis.

This time, I looked down again, feeling I had been shot again. To my surprise, blood poured out of me and filled the sea with rose blood.

I had been shot…

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