D-Day by Sophie O

Today was the day it all happened. I felt trepidation run down my spine as we were getting ready to head out the boat. Shouting commands rang through my ears as they were telling us we had thirty seconds left. I sat frozen still and the ramp started lowering.  The smell of vomit made my stomach clench and I gagged. I couldn’t see over the edge of the boat so I had no clue where we would land. Water was filling the watercraft and making all our equipment damp, waves washed over us taking some of us with them! The ramp deepened into the water. Unfortunately we weren’t on land; we were stuck in the ocean.

 I trudged through the water, holding on my gear for dear life. Bombs started to hit the sea. Machine gun bullets fired out and hit the surface of the water. I was in shock; it felt like I couldn’t breathe. I had butterflies in my stomach and the deafening sound of guns ringing through my ears made me feel like I had no luck. The sea water had red foam on the top. It was blood, but most importantly it was my blood. I had been shot in the arm. I felt even more nauseous, like I was going to bring my heart up and out of my mouth. There was no luck; there was no luck of trying…

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