Headteacher speech

I ahere today to convince you that I will be a good headteacher because I will set a good example for the school. I am kind helpful and caring I can help you with anything. We won’t have math, literacy, grammar, topic or any everyday subject this day will be one of a kind! 

On my day as headteacher I will set fun tasks for everyone to enjoy such as won clothes day, making movies and art all afternoon. They are lot of fun! The art will be about something that your thankful for such as your parent’s toys even your siblings as annoying as they can be. You can wear ANY clothing of your choice. The movies are about all of your teacher’s friends and family you will work in classes at the end of the day every class will or should have a move to show the other classes! 

Thank you for listing Lexie Jones 

I love them anyway

How I love my mum and dad. 

How much they care. 

They spoil me with delicious food. 

And toys 

Oh, a brand-new room! 


Aw how cute, it’s my baby nephew  

He is annoying! He cries 

But I love him anyway 


   How do I love my sister’s? 

  One a artist another a mother 

They can be rude sometimes 

But I love them anyway! 


The Mountain

It had been a long time since the strong and haunting adventurers came towards me….  

My invincible army shall stop you once again. 

Slowly, just slowly, you are climbing my face. 

I am the master of your nightmare! 

My snow line will be the furthest you reach. 

Quickly you shall fail to conquer my peak. 

You will slip on my slope, faster and faster as you go down, until you reach the dangerous beginning! 

You shall solve my puzzle and bow before me for I am the Dreadful Menace the one who cannot be defeated!…