Daniel’s Macbeth Story



The rain lashed at the overgrown walls of the castle. All that could be seen was the faint candlelight coming from within. Inside the dreary castle was a gloomy room with a hard oak table. Gliding up and down the room, Lady Macbeth anticipated her husband’s return. The Lady of Cawdor, who was growing impatient, was startled to hear an owl scream. The silent killer wandered through the baron halls and into the chamber where his wife waited.


‘I have done the deed didst thou not hear a noise?’ Macbeth asked.

‘I heard the owl scream and the crickets cry. Did not you speak?’ Lady Macbeth explained. They stared at each other in pure silence until the new king whispered, ‘This is a sorry sight.’
Gazing at her husband’s blood-stained hands, the Queen noticed the daggers he was still clutching.

‘Why did you bring the daggers from the place?’ exclaimed Lady Macbeth in anger and disappointment. ‘They must lie there. Go carry them and smear the sleepy grooms with blood.’

Macbeth stared at the daggers in guilt, ‘I’ll go no more,’ He murmured closing his eyes in sadness. ‘I am afraid to think what I have done. Look on’t again I dare not.’

‘Infirm of purpose!’ Lady Macbeth snarled.


The violent wind blew out the candles and slammed the door shut. Macbeth collapsed in grief. Lady Macbeth looked on in disappointment. ‘Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead are but as pictures. T’is the eye of childhood who fears a painted devil!’ She took the daggers and exited the room in anger.

The story of Macbeth!

The castle it was a gloomy night and it is a misty night and it was a stormy night. And at 5am And Macbeth killed the king and Lady Macbeth told him to go and. Wash your hands and he said” I can’t they are stained” and Lady Macbeth said “don’t be a coward just wash your hands. Then she saw the daggers she said” go put them back” and he said” I can’t I don’t want to get caught”. Disgusted will he looked at his hand’s and then she gad them out his hand’s ad ran and put them on the guard and put blood a rand them.


Macbeth by Frankie

The castle was  gigantic,  frightening and  misty. The  stormy  thunder  rumbled  in  the  belly  of the  clouds.  Lady  Macbeth  was  thinking why is  he taking so long ?

Macbeth  cum sin with the daggers.

He  what have l done? Go and put the away the grs.

I can’t.

She takes them and spreads blood on the guards

to blame them for killing the king.


By Frankie.

Liams Macbeth story


As Lady Macbeth waited for her husband, an owl shrieked and Macbeth bashed through the door. Looking at his hands, he thought about what he had done. “This is a sorry sight,” Macbeth stuttered.

“A foolish thought to say a sorry sight,” Lady Macbeth warned, as Macbeth dropped the daggers and made a loud CLANK. His body trembled as he contemplated what he had done. Calming her husband down by stepping closer, she whispered, “Why worthy Thane, you do unbend your noble strength to think so brainsickly of thinks. Go get some water to wash this witness from your hand. Why did you bring the daggers from the place? They must lie there. Go carry the daggers and smear the grooms with blood.”


Macbeth, paced around the room, as he murmured, “I’ll go no further, and look on’t again I dare not.” As the fog drew nearer Lady Macbeth only heard rain after Macbeth finished his little speech. ”Infirm of purpose!”





Charlie’s Macbeth writing


The castle was both ghostly and ancient: it looked green and abandoned. In the moonlight, the walls were barely visible as if it was somehow disguised. The torrential rain was hammering    on the hall windows. Pacing across the room, she considered her treacherous plans.  

Macbeth said , “Methought I heard a voice cry, sleep no more!” 
Lady Macbeth said,” Who was that thus cried? Why, worthy thane?” Macbeth felt confused and disgusted. “Why did you bring these daggers from the place?” Lady Macbeth said , muttering to herself. Lady Macbeth was annoyed at what Macbeth said. The broken warrior sobbed as his evil wife snatched the daggers and put them next to the guards.      




The torrential rain whipped against the ancient brick walls, as the mist hugged the castle making it barely visible. A slither of moonlight appeared through the clouds as they carried on moving in the same formation. The tapping of Lady Macbeths long fingernails echoed down the hall. Her face, as pale as the moon, was becoming angry and impatient and her piercing eyes widened. The thunder roared as the owl screeched. Out of nowhere, Macbeth ran into the room and mumbled, 

“I have done the deed.” 

Beside the murderer, Lady Macbeth hissed, “No need to be ashamed, future king.” 

Slithering towards her husband, Lady Macbeth turned her worried face into a smile. She whispered in his ear, “You will claim all the power like the witches said.”  

Seconds later, the Thane of Cawdor showed his wife the bloody daggers, worried about what she was about to say. His wife’s pale face soon turned blood- red with pure anger. She stormed towards the candle and puffed it out stealing all the rest of Macbeths inner hope. 

“Go put the daggers back! the serpent exclaimed cold-heartedly. 

“I will go no more,” Macbeth sobbed. 

“The dead are nothing more than paintings, they will not talk to you, said Lady Macbetwith an enraged tone. 

Infirm of purpose” she yelled at the top of her voice while snatching the daggers out of Macbeths hand. She sprinted to the guards meanwhile ripping her dress.  


The wind screamed through the trees; the mist hugged the castle like there was nothing behind. Suddenly, the rain lashed down; the thunder roared like a lion and the lighting struck. The castle stood strong against the storm. Devastated, Macbeth entered the luxury private castle room with guilt etched  on his face. Staring down at his bloodstained hands, he cried. 

“This is a sorry sight!” 

“A foolish thought, to say a sorry sight,” hissed Lady Macbeth. 

Go get some water, and wash this filthy witness from your hands, and why did you bring though daggers back to this place?” 

 Macbeth replied nervously, “I’ll go no more, I’m afraid of what Ive done I dare not. 

At that moment, the draft running through the castle caused the colossal creaky door to slam shut, blowing the dim candles out. 

 Give me the daggers. The sleeping and the dead are silent as pictures.” 
Lady Macbeth snatched the daggers out of Macbeth’s hands.  

“Infirm of purpose!” shouted Lady Macbeth.  

Her dress tagged along he as her black shoes echoed down the gloomy hallway. 


Lady Macbeth paced around the castle. The wind whispered and whistled through the stone pillars. She picked up her hands and dragged them along the oak splintered table, as if they were dancing to a lullaby… A soot-black raven flew high above the dusty grey castle. As the raven flew the wind closely followed, behind yapping at his heels.

“I feel like my stomach is twisted into a million pieces. I have butterflies.” Lady Macbeth began to have second thoughts about her cruel desire to kill the king. She wiped a heartless tear from her emerald green eyes and pulled herself together, deciding to go ahead with her plans.

Waiting on Macbeth’s arrival, Lady Macbeth was so nervous she almost forgot to breathe. Moments later, Macbeth bundled through the large wooden door, staring down at the ruby red blood which stained the hands of guilt.
“I have done the deed, I shall go no further,” said Macbeth. The daggers dropped to the floor in seconds with a clatter! “This is a sorry sight,” cried Macbeth. Lady Macbeth rolled her face into a smile and rubbed her hands with glee. “Infirm of purpose! I shall take the daggers and smear there whole body with the witness of the crime!” raged Lady Macbeth. “Tis the eye of childhood, that is painted.”

Macbeth Story


The mist hid the old bricks piled on top of each other to make a towering castle. In the deep depths of the ancient building sat a room inside that room was Lady Macbeth…

Sitting in the royal green chair next to the birch table was Lady Macbeth. As the candle flickered Lady Macbeth anxiously tapped her long, sharp, blood-red nails on the splintered wood. The harsh wind blew through her silky hair.

Her husband burst through the wooden doors, with his lip trembling he finally mumbled comma “the deed has been done” he pulled out the bloody daggers and stared at the blood bath they were making

“good, now take them back to the guards and smother them with blood!” said Lady Macbeth with a disgusted look on her face.

“no! I cant methought I heard a voice cry, ‘sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep- the innocent sleep” Macbeth said horrified

“inform of purpose, give me the daggers I will do it” lady Macbeth said.


The mighty beasts

The dragons breathed fire and burnt down towns.
Their skin was scaly and shone like lighting.
The mighty beast, Razor, flew above the towns and cities.
One of the citizens yelled, “They have returned!”
Beside the Razor, many other dragons followed.
Furiously, his fire shot down like bullets.

Destroying the houses below, the fire was so boiling it felt like his skin melting.
In a matter of seconds, the beast flew off.
Would they ever kill the dragons for good?