In this world

In this world there is… 

Water, it nourishes life 

And it is beautiful. 


In this world there are… 

Animals, they bring happiness 

And they are beautiful. 


In this world there are… 

Birds, they roam free 

And they are beautiful 


In this world there is… 

The sky, it holds the shining sun and the glimmering moon 

And it is beautiful 


In this world there are… 

Rainbows, showing color to all 

And they are beautiful 


In this world there are… 

Trees, they give oxygen 

And they are beautiful 


The world as I see it

I see the sun rise 

The birds sing their soothing song 

The pearl clouds awaken 

And the fluorescent blue sky, moving as slow as a sloth 

I rise from my supple bed 

And see a golden field giving me thoughts of people who are less fortunate than 


The wind roared triumphantly 

The whistle of the breeze on the white peak of a mountain 

The fearless eagle squawks intimidating  

Anything alive 

The crash of the waves 

Destroying anything in its path, 

The composed coral reef  

As colorful as can be  

But at the end of the day the night takes over  

And everything goes silent 


I saw my friends six months ago. 

I saw my dad one day ago. 

I saw my mum two hours ago. 

I saw my friends playing football. 

I saw my brother one hour ago 

And I saw everyone having fun. 


I see my family every day. 

I see my friends when I go to school. 

I see my brother and sister every day. 

I see my friend playing games 

And I see everyone having fun. 


The world poem

I saw the black and night.  

I saw the day blue and bright. 

It was black and very dark.  

It was sunny and I went to the park.  

I looked at my school work in my file. 

I looked outside and watched people running miles.  

I SEE THE WORLD, my small world, I dream of the big world. 


Family and Friends

Shh! The dog is sleeping. 

QUICK! My friends are here.  

Yum! Lunch is ready. 

Look! There’s a bird in my garden. 

There! There’s a cat playing with a dog. 

Aww! Embers playing with her dog. 

Hey! My sister stole my pillow. 

Wow! My dog is smiling. 

Phew! It’s Friday. 

Yay! It’s the weekend. 

Yikes! I nearly woke up my mum and dad up. 

Woah! Lots of homework to do. 

Saturday! Time to get comfy and relax. 



By  lillie 



SHHH! The sound of missiles are near! 

HIDE! Get in your bomb shelter, the bombs are coming! 

BRRR! The machine gun kills the soldier.  

VISION! The child sees peace in the world, but not this one. 

RUN! The soldiers are here looking for us! 

BOOM! You hear a bomb explode near. 

SIGH… This is not the world I want to see… 


SHOUT! The time of joy is about! 

HIDE! We’re playing a game of hide and seek! 

BUZZ! The bees are flying through the blue, cloudless sky. 

VISION! Imagine seeing a world of war…. 

RUN! We’re playing IT! 

BANG! The bouncy ball hits the ground. 

SIGH… I love this world…

I can see

I can see the soothing sea washing upon my body. 

I can see birds filling the majestic sky, chirping along to the sound of the wind. 

I can see clouds slithering across the beautiful breeze. 

I can see the rain pouring down on precious meadows. 

I can see the gentle flowers sprouting for the bees and the butterflies. 

I can see the leaves fall to the ground where the animals sleep without a peep. 


I wish I could see the trees moving in the breeze, 

But I wish I can see them again.

All I can see is darkness

and I wish I can see them, again.  

 All I can hear are all of the sounds of trees moving,

Doors crashing and people talking out of the window. 

 Please can I see again!

I can use my imagination and I hear and feel things.

I will never know and I wish to see again.