My Supporting Speech

I am supporting Poppy. 

I believe that Poppy would be an excellent headteacher because she is kind, caring and she is very artistic. One of the many changes that we will be making is art instead of math’s. We have decided to make this change because it will get peoples creative mind going. When everyone has finished the art, she will come to each class room to see what people have done.    

Headteacher speech

I ahere today to convince you that I will be a good headteacher because I will set a good example for the school. I am kind helpful and caring I can help you with anything. We won’t have math, literacy, grammar, topic or any everyday subject this day will be one of a kind! 

On my day as headteacher I will set fun tasks for everyone to enjoy such as won clothes day, making movies and art all afternoon. They are lot of fun! The art will be about something that your thankful for such as your parent’s toys even your siblings as annoying as they can be. You can wear ANY clothing of your choice. The movies are about all of your teacher’s friends and family you will work in classes at the end of the day every class will or should have a move to show the other classes! 

Thank you for listing Lexie Jones 

Sausage Party

Hello my name is Louie I think I would be a good headteacher because I am funny, fun and caring. If I was headteacher I would give you 25 minutes of extra break. 

Also, I would host an art competition but the teams are your whole class and you have to draw any animal but you have to participate and I will let you sit next to whoever you want in your class. 

 I think I would make it a fun day so please vote for me thank you.  

Interclass Party

I am supporting Leo. I believe he would be a great headteacher because he is fair and easy to approach. He is a good and smart person, so he would be good for headteacher. I am supporting him because he is a very generous person, he is also mature person and he also has an opinion on everything.  

One of our pledges is that every child in the school will 15 extra minutes of break.  Another thing that is different is you get jelly from a pot for breaktime.  You can also wear your own clothes to school, you can sit next to whoever you want to for the whole day and our final promise is you will have fun learning. 


Please vote for Leo. 

supporting speech for Leo

Supporting speech for Leo 

I am supporting Leo; I think he would be good because he stands for fun and fairness. He would make the breaktimes fifteen minutes longer and you could come in in your own of our pledges is that You would be allowed jelly at lunch break and be able to choose your own subject for each half of the day. He is working to bring happiness to the school. He would walk around the school and help people do things sand film the assembly. He would show an interest in what people are learning and help them if they’re stuck. He is already an ambassador so he already has some experience. 

My Supporting Speech


I am supporting Louie; I believe he would be an excellent head teacher because he is fun, kind and caring. Some of our changes would be an art compition where the whole school takes part in and an own cloths day and that you get an extra 25 minutes of break. 

I also think he would be excellent for this role because he is funny and can make everyone happy. He can make se4nsible choices if they are needed. He would make sure everyone has a fun day.  

My Supporting Speech


I am supporting Louie; I believe he would be an excellent headteacher because he is kind, caring and fun. Our changes for the day would be an art competition for the whole school to join in, 20 extra minutes of break and own clothes day. 

I also think he would be excellent for this role because he is funny and a good friend if you needed one. He also would make sensible choices if they were needed. Louie would also be amazing because he would make everyone have a fun day. 

I, Jamie, support the Sausage Party. 

Headteacher Speech

I am here on this day to tell you to vote for me as I will be respectful, compassionate, mature and fun to all. I will give you delicious things for break and 15 minutes extra for each break. You can sit next to whoever you want in your class. I am trust worthy to everyone and I will listen to your problems, if you fight or argue. I may be annoyed and angry but I will always forget about it and be kind to everyone. Also, you can wear your own clothes, so you can be extra comfy. 

Please vote for me.