Family and Friends

Shh! The dog is sleeping. 

QUICK! My friends are here.  

Yum! Lunch is ready. 

Look! There’s a bird in my garden. 

There! There’s a cat playing with a dog. 

Aww! Embers playing with her dog. 

Hey! My sister stole my pillow. 

Wow! My dog is smiling. 

Phew! It’s Friday. 

Yay! It’s the weekend. 

Yikes! I nearly woke up my mum and dad up. 

Woah! Lots of homework to do. 

Saturday! Time to get comfy and relax. 



By  lillie 



SHHH! The sound of missiles are near! 

HIDE! Get in your bomb shelter, the bombs are coming! 

BRRR! The machine gun kills the soldier.  

VISION! The child sees peace in the world, but not this one. 

RUN! The soldiers are here looking for us! 

BOOM! You hear a bomb explode near. 

SIGH… This is not the world I want to see… 


SHOUT! The time of joy is about! 

HIDE! We’re playing a game of hide and seek! 

BUZZ! The bees are flying through the blue, cloudless sky. 

VISION! Imagine seeing a world of war…. 

RUN! We’re playing IT! 

BANG! The bouncy ball hits the ground. 

SIGH… I love this world…

I can see

I can see the soothing sea washing upon my body. 

I can see birds filling the majestic sky, chirping along to the sound of the wind. 

I can see clouds slithering across the beautiful breeze. 

I can see the rain pouring down on precious meadows. 

I can see the gentle flowers sprouting for the bees and the butterflies. 

I can see the leaves fall to the ground where the animals sleep without a peep. 


I wish I could see the trees moving in the breeze, 

But I wish I can see them again.

All I can see is darkness

and I wish I can see them, again.  

 All I can hear are all of the sounds of trees moving,

Doors crashing and people talking out of the window. 

 Please can I see again!

I can use my imagination and I hear and feel things.

I will never know and I wish to see again. 

The way I see my family

 Shhh ! Daddy is sleeping.  

Groan! Homework needs doing. 

Quik! The ice cream truck has gone by. 

Yum! mummy is cooking.  

Yay! Nana has her crystals out. 

Arr! Lexi & Luler are playing. 

Bye! Going to play with friends. 

Quiet! I am trying to sleep!!!!!!! 

Boring! Charlie won’t let me on the Xbox. 

Wahoo! Sleep over with Catlin and Lilyrose.  

Friends! Lillie is my new BFF. 

WOW! Nan & gramps lived to a VERY OLD AGE!!! 

Amazing! My life is being woven together with my family helping me hold up the stitches.  


My family

Shh! I think that mum and dad are sleeping.  

Quick! My older brother is trying to kill me. 

Look!  my hamsters are doing cage reselling. 

There! Why do you have to be so annoying? 


Aww! My pets can calm me down when the boys are fighting. 

See! Nan, I didn’t throw my peas in the bin. 

Hey! Grandad can you leave me alone. 

Woah! I almost forgot I had a cousin.  

Burr! Of course, I am cold its six in the morning.  


Yum! Dad can we make more flapjacks.  

Phew! Why do you have to be so cruel? 

Yikes! Mum dad the boys are fighting again. 


Grait! I don’t want to go to nans again. 

Yes! I would love to have a take away. 

Cool! I totally don’t agree with you.  

WILDLIFE is beauty

Along the park I walked, 

I saw a squirrel, small and brown, climb up a tree carrying a snack, 

I saw a bird land in her nest and sing a short song, 

I saw small frogs, hop from land to lily pad, 

I saw the leaves dance in the wind with the grass, I saw the butterflies flutter in the bright sky, 

I saw the rainbows in the clear blue sky, 

I saw the flowers sway in the breeze, 

I saw the sun set ready for night, 

I saw the stars twinkle and shine, 

I saw the bat fly in the sky, 

I saw the owls call in the dark, 

I saw the sun rise for another day, 

I saw all the animals come out again, 

I saw a beautiful. 

All about my life


I see my friends every day. 


I see my friends want to play. 


I see my sisters want to sleep. 


I see my sisters want to peek.   


I wake my mum to make me breakfast. 


I notice she had a beautiful necklace 


I wake to take me to football.  


can’t wait to follow with a game of pool. 


I see my sister ask to watch tv with me. 


My older sister has gone to school, I see. 


That’s sums up my FAMILY! 

BY Logan  










My friends and me

My friends are loving 

My friends are caring  

My friends love sharing  

My friends are silly crazy and sometimes funny  


Our world is full of love  

Our world is beautiful  

Our world is full of rainbows  

Our world is mother nature  

Our world is full of all sorts of animals 


My family love me no matter what  

My family are lovely because I love them  

My family are caring and love sharing