Adrenaline is pumping through my blood. It is the 6th June 1944 this part of Operation Overlord is called Operation Neptune. My comrades are throwing up all around me, I duck as a bullet whizzed over my head.

My commander is barking orders. We are close. There is no turning back now. I hear the deadly whistle. The ramp went down we were about 100 yards from the beach. My comrades and I wade in the English Channel, on our way to almost certain death. I heard the rattle of a machine gun; my comrades fell all around me. I dived to the floor and crawled towards the cliffs, towards success.

I lay on a mine. I dig and dig. I find the “mine” it is a sauce pan.

D-Day Writing

D-Day/Operation Neptune

I looked at the other men in my LCA. I knew that whoever was at the front would instantly be mowed down by the MG 42s.The guy next to me threw up over his feet. I could smell the vomit as it flew behind me. Suddenly the boat driver shouted “30 SECONDS!” seconds later, I could see the other landing crafts being hit by the artillery fire from the Nazi bunkers. Everyone got down “200 YARDS!”  The Lieutenant shouted “20 SECONDS!” he screamed.

“DROP THE RAMP!” shouted the serrgent.

“THERES NO COVER!” The soldier driving the boat. The ramp lowered. The boat next to us slammed into the side of our boat knocking us down. Some of the other men went to stand up, but were instantly shot. “OVER THE SIDE!” someone shouted. Thump a mortar had hit the ground behind me flinging me into a hedgehog where I stayed until …


D-Day by Jak

The sea rocked the boat as we looked toward the beaches over the horizon. The misty fog filled the air as I looked around me. Landing-Craft filled the ocean as we moved closer to beginning of Operation Overlord…the counter offensive attack.

The strong smell of sick and damp clothes filled the air. The thought of being scared was a distant memory in my mind. “30 SECONDS LADS. GOD BE WITH YOU!” our captain barked at us. With trepidation, I counted the remaining seconds of the time in the boat.

The whistle blew. The ramp lowered. Water rushed in. The time had come to fight for freedom or defeat. I held my gun high as I tried to run through the water. It was like slow motion as I powered my legs like never before. My kit was weighing me down and it took all my strength just to get to the sand. I didn’t stop because if I did I was a coward.

“Brararararararararara” The sound of the Nazis machine guns filled the air as we reached the beach. As I moved closer, a Nazi’s machine-gun had directly hit me in the leg and I was losing blood. is my life over?

D-Day by Dylan

Bombs flying over my head dizzy of the ocean around us. The boat rocking side to side because of the salty water flying up into the boat.  No one would ever make a joke; no one would talk; no one was moving… we were all thinking.

The rusted ramp is about to go down. I’m anxious as we had just a little bit of water to go. Operation Overlord is about to begin. The strong smell of all the soldiers’ kits being damp was overwhelming. I looked over the ramp. With the beach in my eyes it should be gold but instead it’s wet grey and dull. Is this what hell looks like?

My breath was like ice; I was frozen in a shocked pose. Everyone was vomiting and trying not to look scared but their eyes told it all. It started to rain heavily… this would only make it worse. We heard the high pitch whistle it’s time to go! The ramp came down BANG shots were all over the place, members charged out some of them didn’t even get out of the boat and they had already been shot. Blood all over the ground I stood up high thinking I wouldn’t be shot and it be over soon but…my friend was shot one of my best friends. Rage ran around my body I started shooting I hit one but there was blood just below me I looked at my chest I had been shot it’s the end.

D-DAY by Chloe H

Sea crashed on the boat as I unscrewed the lid to my bottle. The boat rocked side to side soaking our damp sweaty bodies, as a couple of my comrades started to vomit with fear and depression. Salty water flew into the sky. The boat was full of sweat and vomit.

I knew that the second that ramp flung down I had to run whether I was on the beach or in the middle of the sea. A couple other boats has reached the shore, all I could hear were the screams of death.


Gun powder and smoke filled the air as my hands started to shake. More of my comrades vomited up last night’s food as the boat rocked some more. The ramp lowered as we all jumped out in to the clear salty water. Blood started to drip from my shin. I lifted up my damp trouser leg and saw a huge hole then I realised I had been shot…


By Chloe Hedger!



The day it all happened.

I tried to look back, but my body was in shocking movement but today was very atrocious. It was very loud I could not hear myself think. All I was trying to think about was my career , my wife and two children. My best mate was sitting next to me as my head leaned on the inside of the boat. It was dreadful seeing my best mate being sick; I had never seen him so scared and anxious before ,I never knew he was sea sick.

Suddenly all I heard was WAVES crashing BOMBS BOOMING AND THEN SUDDENLY all went silent!!!


Then the ramp lowered into the water as everyone ran scrambling to the hedgehogs, not everyone made it sadly. It was like we were in slow motion it was so hard to run with a really heavy suit and a gun.  Then I looked down and oh no I was shot there was blood everywhere ….

D-Day by Jack B

As the boat was rocking side to side I was scared, so scared for the ramp to come down. Unsurprisingly I had butterflies.

The constant bombing was defeaning. I had a shiver down my spine as I smelt the vomit all around me. My hand constantly shook as I took a drink out of my bottle. I started to lower my head as we got closer to the shore.

The Germans started to shoot.

In my head I was worried that I wouldn’t make it home. After this my fingers started to shiver even more as the captain bellowed, ‘We have 30 seconds till the ramp drops.’

In my head I was counting down… it was time

The ramp was lowered and I got into the water and ran. Blood was everywhere! I thought is it my blood…


D-DAY by Sophie H

The day was the day I was terrified; terrified of the sound of bombs. I had butterflies in my stomach and shivering with fear. It was horrible due to the smell of vomit, the drenched clothes and the nerves, which all made me feel sick.

The rusty boat ramp was about to go down as the adrenaline hit me. All my team mates did not smile once. It was silent, very silent as they were all trying not to show their fear; I clenched my gun hoping that I would not die.

Suddenly, the ramp went down but we weren’t at the beach. Everyone ran out when they heard the whistle blow. We all ran out but we weren’t going fast. It was like we were running in slow motion. My friend fell down however I couldn’t help him or I might die to. BANG!

I looked down and I was bleeding…oh no I have been shot…

D-Day by Carley

I was in shock, shocked because the day had finally come; I had butterflies in my stomach. I felt sea sick but I did not want to show that I was scared. No one was smiling; they know that they could lose someone from their group. The fear of losing hit me straight in my stomach.

The loud noises filled my ears, the sound of the sea flying other me, the sound and smell of the sick rushing through my nose. Nervously I looked round as there were  boats on the sea, which looked dull.  I could hear the bombs going and the sea splashing against the boat. No one knows what was going to happen. All they know it is the closest we will get to Hell.

The bang of the boat hitting the sand. The whack of the ramp. Quickly veryone got their gear, while the adrenalin rushed through my body. We all tried to run, however guns were fired. My best friend was shot but I could not go help because I had to keep going

BANG! Looking around there were loads of people dead on the floor.  Bang a bullet hit my hat. You could see that blood was coming from my shoulder because of my uniform was changing colour. I must have been SHOT! …



D-DAY by rosie

The defining roar of the engine, the foul smell of vomit and the hellish thought of dying made my thoughts spin. The Germans were expecting an invasion, but I did not want to be a part of it. The boy next to me was shivering with coldness and misery. Someone behind me was being sick I could not bear to look. To my right I could see boats, boats getting ready for war.

The captain kissed his necklace with the holy cross on it. My friend mumbled a prayer… The whistle had blown. The ramp lowered but we all knew that if we came out that way we would be dead. We decided to jump over the edge. I was halfway from the shore when I stopped and thought about my family. I thought about how my little sister had cried when I said that I was going to war  and how they must be waiting for a telegraph to see if I was alive or not; and how mother and father said goodbye.

Just then I looked around there was red liquid floating in the sea and I had pain in my arm. I was losing blood as my vision started getting blurry and then it all went black…





By Rosie Bushby